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Microsoft Money Home and Business

Microsoft Money Home and Business is a personal and business finance management software program by Microsoft.

Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

Lifetime license for 1 User, 1 x Computer.

Software can be transferred to another computer.

Available as Download and on Disc.

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License Type This is a perpetual license. Also known as a lifetime license. That means that it does not end. You can use it for as long as you wish.

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Microsoft Money Home and Business is a personal and business finance management software program by Microsoft.

Microsoft support

Microsoft no longer supports Microsoft Money. However, it is still a very good program, packed full of useful tools and features.

"I use this product all the time. A great way to keep track of finances. Great shame that the programme is no longer supported by Microsoft."

Easy to use

Microsoft Money provides a quick and easy way to organise and manage your personal finances. It is easy-to-use. It lets you balance your accounts, manage credit and debt, and plan for the future.

"A superb product. So easy to use, and helps you keep track of your finances. Even my husband could use it!"

Microsoft Money includes comprehensive Help. It also has tutorial videos on Microsoft Money Tour, Manage Your Accounts, and Create A Budget.

Microsoft Money Tour Video

You get many sophisticated reports. You can see the big picture at a glance or drill down to details.

Microsoft Money Reports

Money Spending Report

Some of the ways Money Home and Business can help you

"Very pleased. I have used Money since the '90's'. Suits my business the best of any product. Easy to tailor it to your specific requirements. Love it!"

Microsoft Money Home and Business is the big brother of Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe.

It has all the same functionality and features as the Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe Edition plus the features needed for small business owners.

You can use Microsoft Money Home and Business to manage both your personal and your business accounts, assigning them relevant names. You can specify your business’ name and full address, as well as the initial balance. Once these configuration steps have been completed, you can start tracking your finances with ease.

Microsoft Money Home and Business will never expire. That means that once you get all of your Microsoft Money accounts setup and working the way you want to, you can keep using them as long as you would like.

Manage your money, create your own invoices, set up alerts for all kinds of operations and protect the data from prying eyes with a password.

When you click on the Business tab you will get easy access to Invoice List, Resources, New Invoice, Products & Services, Customer List and Vendor List:

Microsoft Money Home and Business tabs

Clicking on New Invoice, brings up the Create a new invoice window:

Microsoft Money Home and Business invoice

By the way, Microsoft Money Home and Business comes with a dedicated Money Invoice Designer component. This can be used to generate invoices customized with your own logo, business name and address.

Keeping track of business expenses, invoices, and even small business tax deductions is all a snap with Microsoft Money Home and Business.

This is what your Products & Services window looks like when you first open it.

Microsoft Money Home and Business products and services

If you click on Resources, you get more features, such as Time Tracking:

Microsoft Money Home and Business time item

Also under Resources, is Mileage Tracking:

Microsoft Home and Business mileage tracking

And you have Projects under Resources too:

Microsoft Money Home and Business projects

The Credit Center in Money helps you analyse and manage your credit and learn about credit management.

Money Credit Center

You can also track your spending, set up a budget and use the Debt Reduction Planner to formulate a plan to reduce debt.

Money Debt Reduction Planner

You can customise the account register, budgets, bills and deposits list, portfolios, reports, home page, etc.

Money helps you achieve your financial goals. Whatever your goal, Money provides easy-to-use tools to help you, whether you are saving for a major purchase, further education, retirement or getting out of debt. There is even a What-If function so that you can try different options.

Money What-If

Another helpful feature is called “Insights” and it displays taskbar alerts regarding unscheduled expenditures, cash flows or upcoming bills. You can set the alerts in your user-defined settings, so you don’t get too many and they don’t become a nuisance.

Microsoft Money Home and Business offers many currencies. To operate in British pounds, select British Pound from the list of currencies.

QuickBooks and Quicken formats

Microsoft Money Home and Business allows you to import data in QIF and OFX formats, convert Quicken (QDB, QDT, QDF) files and export to QIF files.

If your financial institution provides OFX or QIF downloads, you can download those statements into Microsoft Money.

If you are looking to convert Quicken account balances, set an exchange rate of 1, and the conversion should go okay.

Backup and security options

Microsoft Money Home and Business also offers security options, data archival, backup, repair and restore functions.

Microsoft Money and the MSN Money website

Microsoft Money Home and Business is stand-alone software, meaning that it doesn’t link to other programs either online or offline. For some users this might be a drawback, but for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a way to manage their finances and handle basic business accounting, this is great news.

The MSN Money website is not synchronised with Microsoft Money. This means, for example, that if you click on Investment in Microsoft Money, you will only be taken to the MSN Money home page. You will then have to click on the Investment tab on the MSN Money home page to go to the Investment section of the MSN Money website. This is also the case with Payroll, Planning, and Taxes.

"I could not live without Microsoft Money. It is brilliant and enables me to control my personal finances. I may be biased as I am an accountant, but compared to other accounting software, this product is brilliant and extremely user friendly."