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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise with MSDN

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise with MSDN.

1 User, 2 x Computers License.

Software can be transferred to another computer.

Available as Download and on Disc.

Ideal for Software Audits.

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Download This software is downloaded. If you don't like to download we can do it for you and mail it to you on a disc at no charge.

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What you get

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise (perpetual license) plus MSND (2 years subscription license).

This gives you enterprise-class application development. I will go over some key points.

Manage complexity and close the loop between development and IT operations

Greater team productivity for enterprise application development

Plan, execute and monitor your entire testing effort — continuously

Subscriber benefits
Includes virtually all Microsoft software, Azure, Pluralsight, and more

Enterprise DevOps

Ship better software faster

Agile tools optimised for enterprise-scale projects help you manage work across projects and teams in an environment that's intuitive and easy to use. The DevOps capabilities in Visual Studio 2017 enable automation of release processes and continuous deployment. After deployment, close the loop between production and development and fix bugs faster with insights and data captured directly in production environments.


5-Star Mobile App Development

Deliver enterprise-grade apps

Visual Studio Enterprise includes Xamarin for Android, iOS and Windows app development. Create apps with native performance and native UI, using enterprise-grade tools. Optimize your app's performance with rich profiling data, and inspect them at runtime to find bugs faster. Validate your user experience on real devices with Xamarin Test Cloud, and when ready, distribute your apps to in-house BETA testers or directly to an app store.


No more "no repro"

Go back in time with code execution history for .NET code

One of the most common problems developers experience is that the code works on "my machine" but not in the test or production environment. Diagnosing such issues can take hours of searching through source code, comparing environments and repeated guesses where to set breakpoints. Using the diagnostic tools in Visual Studio Enterprise like IntelliTrace, you can see the history of your code's execution in different environments and navigate back in time to inspect data without manually setting breakpoints. This will save you a lot of time that you can spend more productively.


Manage complexity

Easily conquer even the largest solutions

Use innovative modeling tools and create the high-quality, mission-critical software that is the engine of your business. Easily manage dependencies and even the largest codebases with tools for code mapping and architectural discovery. Use advanced monitoring and debugging tools to identify, triage and fix complex application issues faster than ever.


Unlimited load testing

Understand what your application can handle before you deploy

Visual Studio makes integrating load testing into your development process easy, and will help you avoid nasty surprises in production. Whether those surprises are caused by worldwide distribution, the scale of your customer base or problems that only manifest in multi-day runs, Visual Studio load testing will give you the analytics to solve those problems before you deploy.


Database DevOps

Extend DevOps processes to SQL Server databases

Redgate Data Tools are now included with Visual Studio Enterprise. With ReadyRoll Core, you can develop, version, and safely automate deployments of database changes alongside application changes. Redgate SQL Prompt Core helps you write SQL effortlessly in Visual Studio. Improve your productivity with autocomplete for database and system objects, keywords, and get column suggestions as you type.


Why this Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise is such a good deal

It is very good value for money First and foremost, this Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise with MSDN is probably cheaper than any Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise with MSDN legally sold in the UK.

Latest version Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise is the latest version in Microsoft's line of Visual Studio Enterprise software.

You can transfer it to your new computer With this Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise, you can remove it from your old machine and install it on your new one.

Install on two computers You can install this Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise on two computers, as long as they are used primarily by one user and at least one of the computers is a laptop.

Gives you peace of mind Do you sometimes lose things? Well, with this Visual Studio 2017 if you lose the software, you can always download it again from a Microsoft secure website.