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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus for Charities, Churches and Education - the Most Powerful Office Edition

Discounted for Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Libraries, Charities (e.g. Women's Institute, Scouts, OCR, U3A, Rotary Club, Salvation Army, Girlguiding, Freemasons), Museums, as well as Preschools, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Local Education Authorities.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus contains Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Lync, OneNote and SharePoint Workspace.

Runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Includes free upgrades to Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus and Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

Lifetime license for 1 User, 2 x Computers.

Free Gift

Software can be transferred to another computer.

Available as Download and on Disc

Ideal for Software Audits

See below for more info.

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£489.00 + VAT

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Data sheet

Eligibility The discount is available for eligible organisations. Please see MORE INFO.
Download This software is downloaded. If you don't like to download we can do it for you and mail it to you on a disc at no charge.
Windows This software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Authorised Partner Tekgia is a Microsoft Authorised Partner.
Office Professional Plus Office Professional Plus is more powerful than Office Home & Student, Office Home & Business, and Office Professional

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"For those who are Power Users or will use Access or InfoPath or Lync, and can get it at the discounted price, Microsoft Office Professional Plus is the must-have buy."

Eligibility for the discounted price

These organisations are eligible for the discounted price.

The Department for Education
Local Education Authorities

Private schools
Public schools

Prison education centres

Public libraries
Public museums


Charities registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales

Charities registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

Charities registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

Charities with a Charity Tax Reference Number issued by HM Revenue and Customs

Girl Guides
Scout Groups

Why Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus is the Most Powerful Office Edition

Please note: the Office Home and Student 2010 Edition cannot, per its license, be used for commercial, non-profit, or revenue-generating activities.


Office Home and Student 2010

Office Home and Business 2010

Office Professional 2010

Office Professional Plus 2010

No of installations

1 PC

1 PC

1 PC

Up to 2 PCs










SharePoint Workspace

Installation on 2 PCs: You can install Office 2010 Professional Plus on two computers, as long as the two computers are used primarily by one user and at least one of the computers is a laptop.

Key to the programs in Microsoft Office 2010

Access is a database program for holding and controlling information
Excel is a spreadsheet
InfoPath creates forms such as surveys

Lync is similar to Skype
OneNote is for your notetaking
Outlook handles your emails and calendar

PowerPoint creates slide shows
Publisher creates leaflets and other promotion
SharePoint Workspace is for sharing information with colleagues
Word is for your letters and other documents

Is it legit?

"For those buying online, Tekgia is almost unique in offering the full package of (i) software, (ii) product key, (iii) Microsoft email confirming the license is genuine, and (iv) a personal Microsoft account showing the product key and license. Too many others offer only half the package. You get software and an iffy product key. But that's it. There's no Microsoft confirmation that it's legit. And no personal Microsoft account."

Some prices are just too good to be true. But how can you tell if it really is a bargain or if it is a rip-off? Well, you can use PC World or Microsoft Store to give you some idea of the kind of prices you should be paying.

Additionally, we have a web page called 7 Tips on How To Avoid Buying Fake Microsoft Office Software which gives you the basics so that you can avoid being ripped off when buying Microsoft Office online.

Finally, each year we have to pass an examination by Microsoft to be duly authorised as an Education Partner and specialist.

Nine important reasons why this edition of Office 2010 Professional Plus is such a good deal

"Being able to reinstall the software again after the computer crashed, as well as use the product key again, saved me having to go out and buy another one."

1. It is a bargain Not only are you getting the most powerful edition of the Microsoft Office range you are getting it at a discounted price from a Microsoft authorised partner.

Compare this with Office 2010 Home and Business which only gives you Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word for the same amount of money. As this Professional Plus Edition has the desirable Publisher and the powerful Access database, as well as other useful programs, it is a far better deal.

2. Runs well on Windows This Office 2010 Professional Plus runs well on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7, as well as on Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also runs well on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. If you are looking for a Windows 2010 Office, this Professional Plus is the edition to choose.

3. Choice of 32-bit or 64-bit Ms Office 2010 Professional Plus is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You don't have to choose when you buy. You choose when you download from the secure Microsoft website.

What is more, if you, say, download the 32-bit version and decide later to try the 64-bit version, you can go back and download that one and install it. And if, later still, you yearn for the 32-bit version, simply return to the secure Microsoft website and download it.

4. You can transfer it to your new computer Not all Microsoft Office Editions allow you to transfer them to new computers. But this one does. With this Office 2010 Professional Plus, you can remove it from your old machine and install it on your new one.

5. Install on two computers You can install this Office 2010 Professional Plus on two computers, as long as they are used primarily by one user and at least one of the computers is a laptop.

6. Lifetime License You pay once for the software and you can use it forever.

7. Available as download and on disc Although the software comes as a download we can if you wish, download it for you, burn it onto a disc and mail it out to you. We won't charge for this, by the way.

8. Gives you peace of mind Do you sometimes lose things? Well, with this Professional Plus edition of Office 2010, Microsoft keep your product key (which you need to activate the software) secure for you so that if you ever lose it, you can get it back again from their secure website. Of if you lose the software, you can always download it again from the Microsoft secure website.

9. Free upgrades Includes free upgrades to Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus and Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus.

Customer Reviews

Office 2010, 12 Feb 2013
By Jumbojim

Upgrading from 2003 version, loaded relatively quickly and converted all my older databases without ant ptoblem. Early days but looks good so far.

Microsoft Office Professional 2010, 1 User, 5 Jan 2013
By Karen Fowler

I chose this rating because it does everything I wanted it to do. I would recommend this product to anyone.

microsoft office, 9 Nov 2011
By granny

This arrived quickly and was exactly what I wanted. I downlaoded onto my laptop and have used it regularly especially Publisher though it was bit complicated as it was different from the one I had used previously!

You need to upgrade!, 17 July 2011
By Grahamo

I have been putting off upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010 professional as I was worried about compatibility with my clients, but I am really pleased with the new version and I am certain it is making me more productive.

Great price too.

MS Office - First Impressions, 5 July 2011
By Ian Brearley

As a full-time user of the MS Office series I always look forward to the next issue to see what has been added that I can use in my work as a MS Office trainer. In Office 2007 it was the excellent de-duplicator in Excel whereas in Office 2010 it's the ability to clean up folders in Outlook to remove all the redundant e mails in a conversation thread. It can do this by individual conversations or by folder (including sub-folders if you want it to)

It loaded easily and while it isn't sufficiently different to warrant an upgrade from 2007 it is probably worth a 2003 user considering it.

MS Office, 13 Jun 2011
By P. Millist "Arlanza"

Save your money, and buy WordPerfect Office. Half the price and every bit as good (and in some respects even better).

Office 2010, 25 April 2011
By Zaphod 1666

I have been using the various versions of Office since the mid 90's. Office 2010 continues to build on the firm foundations of its forebears. The ribbon is a super development which makes the many features of Office 2010 much more accesible.

MS Office PRO, 8 April 2011
By myers207

This review is very simple. I have wanted this item for several months and finally found it at a price that I could afford. This fact couple with the speed of delivery and ease of use makes this purchaser a very satisfied customer.

Highly recommended latest version of MS Office, 2 Feb 2011
By Stephen

Love this latest version of Office. Once you get used to where all the functions are in the new format, it is actually easier to use than previous versions. I have learned more about Excel from this version than any of the previous versions. Highly recommended.

Another useless upgrade, 4 Jan 2011
By Nonvegetarian

I wonder if you agree to buy new windows every time a double-glazed window salesman turns up at your doorstep. Sure, new windows might be slightly better (although unlikely) but do you really need this hassle let alone costs? I have exactly the same feeling about MS upgrades. There is nothing in the new version which is worth the new money they demand.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional - Just Brilliant, 29 Dec 2010
By Viv Daly

I've never looked back. I upgraded from Office Professional 2007 which had lots of problems, especially within Outlook, and I'm delighted with the result. The clarity of the new toolbars and menus is a great improvement making it a joy to use. Finally, the easy instalation was exceptional. No backup or transfers were required; MS Office 2010 found all the outlook files, address books etc etc, making old records instantly accessible. Highly recommended.

Excellent software, 17 Dec 2010
By Mrs. Jeanice E. Singh (U.K.)

This order arrived very promptly. The software proved easy to install and works really well. The price was also very competitive.