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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 for Charities, Churches and Education

Acrobat 2020 is the latest perpetual desktop version of Acrobat. It simplifies everyday PDF tasks and includes many productivity enhancements when working with PDFs from your desktop.

Polished and professional. That’s the impression you’ll make — and the work you’ll deliver — when you use Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 to prepare and share your company’s business documents.

Runs on Windows, Windows Servers, and on Mac

Lifetime license for 1 User, 2 x Computers.

Software can be transferred to another computer.

Available as Download and on Disc.

Only available until 10 July 2024.

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£240.00 + VAT

£288.00 inc VAT

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Data sheet

Eligibility The discount is available for eligible organisations. Please see MORE INFO.
License Type This is a perpetual license. Also known as a lifetime license. That means that it does not end. You can use it for as long as you wish.

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Eligible Organisations for the discounted price

Please note: Individuals are NOT eligible.

For example, Pupils, Students, Lecturers, Teachers, are not eligible.

Individuals get different prices, so please contact us on this.


These organisations not are eligible:

Schools not recognized by the Department of Education

Training centres or schools granting certificates for courses such as computer software training or job training that are not accredited schools that grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two (2) years of full-time study


These organisations are eligible:

Department for Education
Local Education Authorities

Educational organisations

For example:
Nursery schools
Public schools
Private schools
Adult education centres

Public research establishments

State run or State subsidised facilities for the retraining of the unemployed where the government funds more than 50% of the courses

  Charitable foundations which operate on a not-for-profit basis and provide proof of tax exempt status

Food banks
Non-profit community-based organizations
Public libraries
Public museums

Religious organizations operating state-recognized education and community programs

"I was using other software and it wasn't working that well. Nothing like the real thing for conversions and easy printings."

Limited availability

Adobe had decided to discontinue Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020. We won't be selling it after 10 July 2024.

What's new in Acrobat Pro 2020

New Home view

The new Home view helps you stay organized and productive - it's a single place for you to organize, manage, and search for all your PDFs.

  • Recent Files list: Displays your recent files opened for viewing from your computer, Document Cloud storage, or third-party storage like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and SharePoint.
  • Recommended tools: Helps you discover top Acrobat tools like Edit PDF, Create PDF, Combine PDFs, and more.
  • Search box: Lets you search all your Document Cloud files and the files sent or received for viewing, reviewing, or signing.
  • Context pane: Helps you take actions on files across all Home view with context-sensitive menus, and check the status of participants and history of activities for shared documents.
New Home view
A. Recent files B. Recommended tools C. Search files D. Context pane 

View MIP-protected PDFs in Acrobat 2020 and Reader 2020

Now you can use Adobe Acrobat 2020 and Acrobat Reader 2020 Windows and Mac desktop applications to open files protected with MIP (Microsoft Information Protection) solutions including Azure Information Protection (AIP) and Information Protection using Office 365.

Acrobat 2020 and Acrobat Reader 2020 auto-detect a MIP-protected file and prompts you to download the corresponding plug-in from the plug-in download page. Once you download and install the plug-in, the protected files open like any other PDF in Acrobat or Reader.

Colour customization capability in the Fill & Sign tool

You can now choose your desired colour to fill the PDF form and sign it using the Fill and Sign tool in Acrobat 2020. To change the colour, click the Color button in the Fill & Sign toolbar.

Color customization in Fill & Sign tool

By default, the signature's colour is black. To retain the default colour, deselect the Retain Original Color For Signatures checkbox.

For more information, see Fill out your PDF form.

Run OCR on scanned documents with live text

With Acrobat 2020, you can run OCR on a scanned PDF that contains images with live text on them.

  1. Open the scanned PDF in Acrobat 2020.
  2. Go to Tools > Enhance Scan > Recognizable Text > In This File.
  3. Click Settings in the toolbar. The Recognize Text dialog box is displayed.
  4. In the Output drop-down list, choose Searchable Image or Searchable Image (exact) and click OK.
  5. Click Recognize Text in the toolbar.

Preflight enhancements and PDF/UA validation in preflight

Acrobat Pro only feature

  • Preflight Libraries: Preflight Profiles, Fixups, and Checks are now well organized in Libraries.
    For more information, see Preflight Libraries (PDF | 711 KB).
  • Preflight Variables: Variables allow you to dynamically adjust Profiles, Checks, and Fixups when they are applied. Variables can be used when editing Profiles, Checks, or Fixups wherever the orange triangle shows up. It is also possible to filter for existing objects using Variables.
  • Preflight supports the new Ghent PDF Workgroup Specification 2015: The new GWG specifications are based on PDF/X-4, and support native transparency as well as media neutral RGB workflows.
  • PDF/UA validation in Preflight: Preflight now makes it possible to fix common accessibility problems and to validate against the international standard for Universal Accessibility PDF/UA.

Improved Accessibility feature updates and workflows

Acrobat Pro only feature

Improved Accessibility features in Acrobat 2020 make it easier for people with disabilities to use PDF documents and forms, with and without the aid of assistive technology software and devices.

Improved experience with DirectInk

Improved Pen tool leveraging DirectInk technology allows you to write and draw more smoothly and accurately directly on the document without selecting a tool.

Sign PDF files with DirectInk

New support for DirectInk in the Signatures Panel of the Certificates app offers a more natural experience and gives you more control of how your signature looks when signing on Windows 10 devices.

Sign easily on Windows 10 devices

Touch bar built into MacBook Pro

Acrobat Pro only feature

Functionalities for the touch bar built into MacBook Pro help you work more efficiently on MacBook Pro computers.

Eight important reasons why this Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 is such a good deal

1. It is very good value for money First and foremost, thanks to the Adobe discount, this Acrobat Pro 2020 is at a much lower price than the usual commercial price.

2. Latest version Acrobat Pro 2020 is the latest version in Adobe's line of Acrobat software.

3. Runs well on Windows and on Mac OS X You have a choice when downloading to download Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 for Mac or for Windows. The Windows version runs well on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 as well as on Windows Servers (Windows Server 2012 (64 bit), 2012 R2 (64 bit), 2016 (64 bit), or 2019 (64 bit)).

4. Runs well on Citrix This Acrobat Pro 2920 runs well on Citrix, and we can provide you with Adobe documentation on how to deploy it.

5. Runs well on Remote Desktop Services This Acrobat Pro 2020 runs well on Remote Desktop Services, and we can provide you with Adobe documentation on how to deploy it.

6. You can transfer it to your new computer With this Acrobat Pro 2020, you can remove it from your old machine and install it on your new one.

7. Lifetime license This is not a subscription license (which requires you to pay monthly or annually). It is a lifetime license (also known as a perpetual license). In other words, you only pay once for it and you can use it forever.

8. Limited availability Adobe had decided to discontinue Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020. We won't be selling it after 10 July 2024.

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